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‘-Keeps curls more firm

-Keep color more vivid after dyeing

-Lively Shine and softness

This shampoo is 4.5 pH acidic, which is original human skin and hair pH balance!

When pH balance is high in the shampoo, most likely these are alkaline products, and when used with strong cleansing power, the sebaceous glands are removed from the scalp. In this process, all the nutrients discards.

Low pH balance, such as 4,5 pH, will calm and heal the damaged, cracked or swollen hair and increase the color sustainability and sharpness after color treatment.

This shampoo contains argan oil which supplies the moisture and nutrients of the hair. It helps nutrition and hydration of damaged hair and keep it healthy and gentle.

Suggested Use

Take an appropriate amount of shampoo into your hand and massage the hair gently, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


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