Cute Bear Blue Bubble Toilet Cleaner

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  • 1. Deep clean the dirt off the toilet bowl

  • 2.Can be used for at least 3 months

  • 3.Easy to use: tear off the seal and put it into the water tank

  • 4. Remove odor and make your bathroom full of fragrance

  • 5.No residue after using, it won’t stick to the toilet bowl

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This is a blue bubble toilet cleaner. It can effectively clean the smell and dirt of the toilet and prevent the toilet from being blocked. Easy to use, put a bottle of toilet cleaner into the toilet water tank Effectively removes odors and dirt and has powerful effects It uses healthy and environmentally friendly materials Weight: 220 grams Color: blue(sea fragrance), green(fruity fragrance) Material: microbial fungicide, essence, active agent



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